Hydrotherapy is a natural therapeutic method consisting in treating, healing and preventing diseases by using water.

To recover energy, keep a healthy body, and lead a happier life, we need to detox regularly.


The SG2000 is a very affordable “luxury” home-spa offering a unique combination of ultrasounds, ozone and far-infrared rays, that you can use everyday in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Hydrotherapy is used today in hospitals and clinics to treat various conditions and is considered preventive medecine.

This ultrasonic home spa has already helped countless people of all ages to recover partially or completely from painful health conditions : back pain, joints pain, rheumatism, piles, diabetes, etc… see the testimonials hereSince 1991, the SG2000 home health spa from the company Grand Sun (Taiwan) has been used in over 300,000 homes across Asia, western Canada, and western Europe.

We are an Independant Distributor for all Grand Sun products and we can serve you on retail basis, wholesale and globally.


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